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BioNRG Healing & Massage Therapy is a unique method of wellness care that's completely natural, safe and gentle for all ages. It's based on a combination of modern and ancient life force energy practices that bring balance, control, calmness, and healing to the brain and body.

A bioenergy healing therapist is a stress reduction expert who locates and releases deep chronic physical or emotional stress in your body that most other doctors and therapists miss. Chronic stress held within the connective tissues can block the flow of vital life force energy (chi) along energy pathways or meridians, and shield your biofield (aura) and chakras from receiving and releasing energy. Uncorrected, this compromises your body's ability to heal itself, and can lead to pain and disease.

Additionally, we offer gentle therapeutic massage (soft tissue mobilization and muscle energy technique) to address areas of joint and muscle pain/dysfunction due to injury or chronic stress.  

If you’re struggling with a health issue and have tried other types of care with little to no success, then you’ve come to the right place. To set up an appointment with me to receive a full evaluation and care for your specific wellness needs, please use our "Online Scheduling." 

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