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Article by EMTS

Article by European Massage Therapy School (posted on their Facebook site)

David is a student in class 60E who has impressed us all with his deep knowledge of sciences especially in Anatomy and Physiology. However, the first thing that catches people's attention when they meet David is his courtesy. No matter what your first language is, your age, or your role in school, if you meet David, he will make eye contact with you; then he will smile and greet you with respect. That is why everyone who knows him feels comfortable around him. His clients' evaluations in our student clinic are exceptional. Many of these clients have also highlighted David's good manners and kindness, as well as the excellence of his therapeutic work. Those are the reasons why I wanted to interview David and write about him. When we started talking I was impressed to learn he had been a chiropractor for more than 15 years, a middle school teacher for 13 years (where he taught Physical Sciences), and a Biology High School Teacher for two years.

Although David is currently retired from Chiropractic practice, I asked him how this career background and his previous experiences have helped him with our Massage Therapy Program. This is what he told me: "It has helped me a lot; not only in the area of medical sciences and the knowledge of the human body, but also with the appropriate biomechanics, the interaction with the clients and my communication skills. Both careers require patience, dedication, kindness, and compassion. The Chiropractic practice gave me a holistic approach that I have been able to bring to massage. This vision allows me to work towards the balance and well-being of my clients. It allows me to treat them beyond the symptoms and ailments, and see them as a whole organism in which body and mind are closely related. It is not my goal to simply treat a back problem, but to help relieve stress and tension. Furthermore, I want to stimulate a deep process of healing in the clients, and help them create a healthy lifestyle, which includes the practice of exercises and stretching, meditation, as well as healthy and balanced nutrition."

One of the most curious facts about David, is that Lexie, one of his classmates here at the European Massage School was his student when she was in 8th grade. Beautiful coincidence, right? Undoubtedly, David must have contributed to the education of this student in a positive way, and it is a satisfaction for us, to have them working together as classmates, in order to help improve other people´s lives.

In my inquiries about David I also had the pleasure to talk with his instructor Michel Herskovitz, who wrote these beautiful words about him. I don´t think there is a better way to end this article - thank you very much, Michel! And thank you very, very much, David! It´s a pleasure to have you in our school:

"Dave is a person of excellence, someone who approaches everything from class work to working with clients with joy and thankfulness in his heart. In addition to Dave's commitment to hard work, perfect attendance and 4.0 GPA in the academic sciences, Dave has also excelled in all of his therapeutic hands on classes. Dave is a person of great character who will no doubt be one of EMTS most successful graduates."