BioNRG Healing Wellness Center
Connect to Your Creator and Unlock Your Innate Healing

Bioenergy Healing

The root cause to lack of harmony (homeostasis) in the body is deep chronic physical or emotional stress held within the connective tissues, creating torsion and tension of the fibers that block the flow of vital life force energy along energy pathways to the brain and body. This can also block the connection between the body's biofield and energy/information field of the universe. Uncorrected, this interferes with the body's innate ability to repair or heal itself, decreases the function of the digestive and immune systems, causes chemical imbalances, impairs athletic performance, creates postural imbalances with the muscles and joints of the spine, disrupts normal sleep, lowers energy levels, and leads to pain and disease.

Through utilizing a completely natural binary neurological biofeedback method of the body, exact locations of deep chronic stress are identified, and the release or correction is accomplished by gentle acupressure and directional movement of the biofield and chakra energy. This connects you fully to the energy field of the universe and restores the flow of vital life force energy, balance, control, calmness, and healing to the brain and body. Clients are fully clothed for all care.

My goal is to help you achieve complete health and wellness, and how long it takes is different for each person. Some heal right away, and for others, it may take months or even years. And throughout your healing and wellness journey, coaching will be given on many aspects of your wellness needs, such as detoxing/cleansing, nutritional supplementation, exercise, diet, essential oils, etc. All advice given will be obtained through my biofeedback assessment protocol. In other words, I obtain your specific wellness needs from the innate wisdom of your body. The wellness care given is not intended to be a medical diagnosis or treatment of your symptoms or disease.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla